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I like my products, and I like my people. Non-toxic!

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Our thoughtful and personal presents are ideal for any occasion. Each box comes wrapped in a beautifully hand-decorated gift box focused on the recipient's interests.

Minnieology also creates handmade, non-toxic soy wax candles and reed diffusers. Spread joy and good vibes with gifts that are as delightful as they are safe!

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The whole process was very easy. On two occasions, I had no idea what to put into the box. Minnie did research and came up with some great ideas. She came up with some great items I would not have even thought about putting in the box. All the people that received them loved their box.

Cindy D.


Wow, oh wow is the feeling you'll get when you receive your box.  Everything is customized just for you--it's perfect!  and the candle hands-down is my favorite candle.  The fresh scent fills my entire room even when not lit.  I can't recommend enough!!!!!!

Amy T.

Minnieology is the perfect place to find that special customized gift for your loved one. Minnie does a wonderful job of making sure the receiver feels special no matter the situation or celebration. She is prompt with the orders. And don’t forget to add a candle! They are made with the best ingredients and fill your room with aromatherapy.

Mel B.

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