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As you grow wiser, you realize your health is more important than ever. How much sh*t (pun intended) is put into our food and products is overwhelming. We must read the fine print and live the healthiest we can. Do the best you can every day, as you only live once!

  • Colonoscopy at 45 (every 10 years

  • Mammograms at 40 (annual)

  • Doctor & OBGYN checkups (annual)

  • Dentist (6 months)

  • Follow your gut if something isn’t right; please find the right Dr for you!

Adulting isn’t fun, but I’d rather be proactive than reactive. Which do you prefer? Just do it.

This box will include essentials on what is needed with instructions on making it as comfortable as possible, as the most difficult part is the prep. The procedure is quick and easy.

Be good to yourself and be well. Minnie



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