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Thank YOU and Happy Holidays!

Hello Friends,

I hope this holiday season has treated you well. I can’t wait to take a break! This year alone has been a doozy with moving from Bentleys to Buggies, aka Los Angeles, to a small town outside of Cleveland, OH. On top of that, I dipped my toe back in the corporate events world after a 3-year break and kept running Minnieology. That has been fun and crazy!

As I wind down for the year, I will enjoy some holiday baking and making handmade desserts for friends and family.

I hope you all have a Happy Holiday, and let’s kick off 2022 with a bang; we

could all use some positive vibes!

And last, as I close out my 2nd holiday season with Minnieology, I’m very appreciative of the support. I hope to continue spreading joy and kindness to the special people in your life. It fills my cup every day to help others. Minnieology is my baby, and I love watching it grow…all thanks to YOU.

Minnieology will be closed from December 22nd - January 3rd.

Our Team aka me Thank YOU for the support this year!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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