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How I Found My Needle In A Haystack

Dating is fun and at times not so much; looking back it was an adventurous period of time along with awkward dates but I am glad to have experienced those moments as it helped me figure out what I wanted in a partner. After exhausting the dating game the old fashioned way, one of my best friends convinced me to go on So I caved but I was against paying for the membership, so I did the free 3-day trial. 🙄

My headline: Seeking cute cowboys who enjoy long kisses, romantic dinners, horseback riding and evening strolls. Owning a horse is optional. I clearly was not serious, rather showing my humorous side.

The first line of my about me: “Please read: I am off this on 10.25”.

J.T.’s headline: Coming home to... Austin!?

He had just come back from 6 months of martial arts training in China and was starting a new life in Austin.

How we matched: Match sets you up with daily matches, and we were paired up according to our interests. We matched to the T... except for my height preference. I am 5’0”, J.T.'s 6’3” and I had requested that my match be around 5’10” - 6’0” and he wanted someone 4’10”- 6’0”.

J.T. started our email exchange with something along the lines of “Congratulations!”. I was very confused but he had clearly read my first sentence, and his email threw me off balance. From there, we exchanged emails for about a week before deciding to meet in person.

First Date: We met for a happy hour on Friday, November 6, 2009, at Zax Restaurant in Austin, TX. We had great chemistry and our date lasted about 4 or so hours. From that moment on, we were in constant contact, he played no games, and the rest is history.

Online dating isn’t a piece of cake, I was very lucky to find my needle in a haystack during my free trial. My thought process was to go in with an open mind, be safe, and have fun. You will get interesting messages and you just have weed through the odd ones to hopefully find a match. Worse case, you at least tried and you know he/she wasn't for you. I was fortunate that J.T. caught me off guard and our conversation was easy because he just didn’t make sense on paper: He had no job, no car, and no home (he was staying at a friend’s place). 😲

Once we started talking, I found out that he was doing contract work and figuring out what he was going to do next. He even bought a car the day before our first date, and still has it today! It was also perfect timing as he had opportunities to move to San Francisco or Boston but secured a full-time job out of Austin a few months after we started dating. And....we threw caution to the wind and he had moved in after 3 months of dating. We took a chance and it worked out. We were engaged in Venice, Italy after 2.5 years of dating, married at 3 years in Belize, and have moved homes and/or states every ~2 years (Austin > Seattle > currently Los Angeles).

Thank you for your algorithm, without it I wouldn’t have found my husband. We are each other's #1 and he is my biggest supporter when it comes to Minnie Box.


Happy 10 years of being together, I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else….well except Justin Timberlake. Kidding?🤣



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