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Unwrap Joy: Your Ultimate Holiday Gifting Guide is Here! 🎁

🌟 Hello!

It's been a minute, with a new day job in event planning, work travels, and moving from Ohio to Austin, has been well...eventful.

I know many of us struggle with great gifting, so make it simple, clean, and personalize this holiday season!

My key tip is to listen to conversations about what they like. Don't make it harder on yourself, especially in the age where most of us can buy what we want!

👩🏻‍🍳 Favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or activity

 🫧 Favorite items: bubble bath, soap, makeup, and usable gifts are key!

♻️ Sustainable Gifts! Experience serenity with Minnieology's nontoxic candles & diffusers!

🍃 Discover handcrafted, eco-friendly delights to elevate your space and support local!

🎁 Free Shipping for orders over $65

I hope you have the happiest and stressless holiday!


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