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2.2.22 &V-Day Gift Ideas

Groundhog Day Special Today Only 2.2.22!!!

Phil saw his shadow on Groundhog Day, which means six more weeks of winter for this Texan in Ohio. 😭

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Valentine's Day

It's around the corner! Minnieology Gifts has a few easy ideas to show the special people in your life a little love.

Here are a few ideas:

Simple Ideas

  • Cards are a cute and inexpensive gift and allow you to add some thoughtfulness with your own words. Two of our favorite cards designers are made by Punderella creator and designer, Erica, who specializes in punderful pop-culture paper gifts. Great for Ozark, Ted Lasso, 90-day FianceThe Bachelor, This Is Us, Riverdale, and various musical artist fans. Apartment 2 Cards is another "Friend of Minnieology" greeting card company based in New York City, founded and run by Chris Sargiotto and Mark Abruzzo. A creative and maker at heart, Chris started Apartment 2 Cards in 2010 out of his small apartment; yes, it was apartment #2. As the line grew, Mark, a lifelong paper lover, joined to help with expanding the business.

  • Flowers - Some love fresh flowers, or you can go the more long-term route by buying a plant, and they last longer and can be replanted in your yard to enjoy for as long as it can be kept alive. Select a local shop near your home!

  • Thoughtfulness - Showing love doesn't have to cost anything. You can make them their coffee and bring it to them in bed, make their lunch, or set things out the night before to make the start of the Day a little easier. As JLo says, "Love don't cost a thing."

Gift Experience

  • Valentine's Day is a perfect time to make your favorite dinner with your person or girlfriend. It's is a great time to bond over your favorite dishes that take a little bit longer to prepare, and you can do it together. We like to stay in and keep it simple on Valentine's Day, spending time together and being present. You can even make a cute card with the invitation to a reservation at home.

  • Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant or a new restaurant you've been talking about trying. If you haven't already, make that reservation, especially with labor shortages; use Resy or OpenTable to see availability! If you are not all about being out on this Day and dealing with crowds, celebrate early, late, or go for lunch if you like day dates like I do!

Fun Activities

  • Mini-golf, bowling, cooking class, hiking, walking on the beach, or your favorite scenic spot

  • Revisiting places you went to, or activities on your first dates are a great trip down memory lane.

  • Spa Day for two; who doesn't love to be pampered?

  • Take them shopping to pick out a new thing or two!

Something Sweet

  • If your special people enjoy something sweet over wine, find a local chocolatier for something special or an organic treat. There are so many options out there, and it's always something about finding something new.

  • Make a gift bag or box with some of their favorite things!

  • Their favorite beauty products that they use daily

  • Favorite lunch, coffee, or dessert spot gift certificate

  • A gift certificate to their favorite mani/pedi

  • Bottle of wine or drink (coffee, tea, flavored drink, etc.)

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

  • Jewelry - have they been eyeing a piece or adding to their existing jewelry to make it a set.

  • Something on their wishlist

  • Their favorite candle or reed diffuser Shameless plug: Minnieology offers both, and you can customize the label for free!

  • At-home spa gifts like bubble/bath salts and face masks.

Minnieology Gift Boxes

If you don't have the time to put together a sweet gift, I can help you with our Build A Box option.

Remember to give them the gift they want, not what you think they want. It will go a long way.

Be Well,


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