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Have you ever done this alone?

As in traveled solo?

This is my first official trip alone in a foreign country. It is pulling a page from Sara Blakely on her birthday solo trip and FRIES! It's good for the soul; it might feel weird at first, it was for me, but it's ok; it's just for YOU! Everyone needs time alone.

I hope you had a marvelous Memorial Weekend. I’m currently out of the office enjoying the beach, it's extremely windy, but I'm making the best of it.

Need your honest opinion: how's my hair?

Orders placed this week, until Sunday, June 4th, will be shipped the week of June 5th. Please take 20% off any candles/reed diffusers with code "enjoy" during these dates.

Father's Day is around the corner too. Check out this incredible gift to show him his "rOks" and personalized cocktails.

Ok, I'll confess, I wasn't completely alone for 2 days. I brought my squad with me.

  1. Spa Day Squad - I love to spruce up my hotel rooms because why not? Reed diffusers are 2 oz. and carry-on approved!

  2. Solo dinner with tuna tostadas, chips, and FRIES, my fave!

  3. A bunch of pricks. 🌵 🤪

  4. Pool time is one of my favorites.

Thanks for reading, and have a great short week!


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