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How Many No's Does It Take?


When we are faced with rejection, it can be a hit to our ego, and make us question if we are good enough.

YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! It wasn’t the right time or the right opportunity. I am a believer in things working out as they should, and it’s important for each of us to dig deep within ourselves and find the strength to get back up and start again. Remember that if one door closes, another one will open!

Admittedly, this is easier said than done, but I’d like to share personal examples from my experience in continuing to build and grow Minnieology.

I have literally lost count of how many retail shops told me no.

  • They weren’t interested in my products because they already had several artisans with the same products.

  • They didn’t want the scent of my candles to compete with current fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • My price was too high.

I felt defeated.

It is important to remember that not every “no” is a dead end. Each rejection, failure, and letdown is an opportunity to improve, restrategize, and try again in order to find the opportunities that are a better fit for you than those which did not work out in the first place.

I took a minute and rewrote my plan, and guess what?!?!? I got a YES, then a second, and a third! That’s 3 in a row after a long list of rejections! I appreciate these small business owners giving me an opportunity!!!

I’m so excited to announce MINNIEOLOGY GIFTS IS NOW IN 3 SHOPS!

Find me at:

Cowboy & Mane Salon, Middlefield, OH

Forage & Feather, Mantua, OH

LOCLE Box, Chagrin Falls, OH

Unbuntu Wellness, Chardon, OH Added in December 2021

Or order online at

Free shipping for orders over $60.

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