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"It was just wrong, wrong."

Did you know?

It takes about an average of 1 hour 26 minutes for each person or a total of almost 16 hours to shop for your immediate family members and their offspring! This accounts for the time you spend online and shopping in the store. ~Ref: Forever State College 2018

When it comes to celebrating my people, I want to be thoughtful and get them what they want, not what I think they want. The answer is literally right under our noses and not that difficult.

What are their favorite things?

Pick up the phone or if you can safely visit them in person, catch up and you'll pick up on a few things you could get them. It may be a practical gift but it's something they will use. I rather gift something that would be used then collecting dust or thrown away. Or just ask them straight forward what things they like. This usually works for those that you are close to.

Here are a few examples:

  • Do they enjoy wine/beer/liquor? Find out their favorite or special occasions only drink. Get them a bottle and personalized cups.

  • Do they like arts/crafts? Find out the items they use, the stores they frequent, and get them something from there or a gift certificate.

  • Are they a dog lover? Personalized dog bandanas, dog chew toys, and accessories are a big hit!

  • Crafty? Handmade gifts are really nice. If you are crafty you can make them something that's related to their favorite things. My MIL took old t-shirts and made them into pillows.

  • Fallen on hard times? If they have been impacted by the pandemic, giving a gift certificate such as a Visa or Mastercard would be really appreciated. It may seem generic but you can include a really nice greeting card with it.

You want to make sure it's easy to use because the more difficult it is, it won't be used and you don't want to spend all that effort and money for nothing right? Thirty-four percent of Americans will return gifts they received over the holiday season. ~Fortune Jan. 2019

Don't want to ask?

Check our their social profiles for clues (don't act like don't internet sleuth 😃) or search their Pinterest board.

This is also a hint for you to update your Pinterest boards on any gifts you may want too. 😋

And for the future, make it a thing to have your people make wishlists/Pinterest boards, it makes it easier on both parties and there's still an element of surprise. It will also give you back from time for that 1 hour 26 minutes back in your life for each person you gift.

Planning Ahead for the Holidays:

  1. With the holidays around the corner and it being 2020, I recommend shopping early and planning for shipping delays.

  2. Shop from small businesses if possible.

  3. Shop early! If you place any orders with Minnieology, put a note at checkout to send at a later date. I have many customers who pre-order their gifts way in advance (ex. birthday, anniversary, and holidays). Brownie points for them!

Are you still stumped?

And if you have no time as a busy parent, working professional, or are not great at gifting, I'm here to help!

Custom Box Customer Review:

The whole process was very easy. On two occasions, I had no idea what to put into the box. Minnie did research and came up with some great ideas. She came up with some great items I would not have even thought about putting in the box. All the people that received them loved their box.

Cindy D.

Be Thoughtful,


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