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My First Bad Product Review

I recently received a comment on how a reed diffuser was not "working." I was disappointed in myself and immediately wanted to fix it by offering insight into how a reed diffuser works to ensure instructions were followed. If it were followed, I would provide a new one to ensure the customer is happy. The customer responded and said she was stirring the sticks vs. flipping them. Once she flipped them, the scent was diffusing as promised. I was elated my product wasn't faulty, and the customer was happy! WHEW!

How a reed diffuser works!

Reed diffuser sticks are typically used to disperse fragrance into the air. Flipping the reed diffuser sticks serves a few important purposes:

  1. Enhancing fragrance diffusion: The reeds have a porous structure that allows them to soak up the scented oil from the container. Flipping the sticks exposes the dry ends to the air, promoting better fragrance release. The fragrance oil travels up the reeds through capillary action, and when the dry ends are exposed, they can better absorb the oil and disperse the scent more effectively.

  2. Maintaining a consistent fragrance level: Over time, the reeds can become saturated with the fragrance oil, decreasing their ability to diffuse the scent. Flipping the sticks ensures that fresh, dry ends are exposed, allowing them to absorb more oil and maintain a consistent level of fragrance diffusion.

  3. Extending the lifespan of the diffuser: Flipping the reeds regularly helps prevent them from becoming clogged with residue. If the reeds remain saturated for an extended period, they may become less efficient in diffusing the fragrance. By flipping them, you promote better airflow and prevent clogging, thus extending the lifespan of the diffuser. If the sticks are dark brown, discard them and add new sticks.

Flipping the reed diffuser sticks every few days or as needed is generally recommended, depending on the strength of the fragrance you desire. However, it's always a good idea to refer to the specific instructions provided by the diffuser manufacturer for optimal use.

The moral of the story, look up the care instructions for all your products! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!




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