I have a confession!

Can you believe we are almost to November?

With that, I've got the holiday scents here for you!!! And the greeting card service release date - see below.

The holidays are near so please start thinking of your gift list and plan to order early. Cut off for many small businesses are mid-December. Minnieology's cut off will be Friday, December 11. This also accounts for getting your gifts by December 24th and USPS getting really busy during this time.

I also want to share a funny story about the reed I misread the recipe (this has been over a year now) and calculated how long the reed diffuser actually lasts. I was always a little stumped why I had such a low repurchase rate for reed diffusers.

So my confession...

A 4 oz. reed diffuser last 8-12 months, not the 2-3 months as initially noted! So funny and not at the same time. Slightly embarrassed but hey...learnings!

With that revelation and requests for larger candles, there's an option to purchase different sizes for both candles and reed diffusers.

  • Candle 7 oz. burn time 45-55 hours | $19.99

  • Candle 12 oz burn time 60 to 80 hours | $35.99

  • Reed Diffuser 2 oz lasts about 4-6 months | $15.99

  • Reed Diffuser 4 oz lasts about 8-12 months | $24.99

Holiday & New Scents

Select any of these scents as a soy wax candle or reed diffuser. I also offer reed diffuser refills so you can reuse that beautiful bottle over and over.

Blue Spruce - This scent will have you feeling like you went out and chopped down your own tree. Capture the spirit of the holidays with this strong, true, and enchanting scent.

MG Notes: I've sent testers out and everyone is ready to add this to their cart! It's a lovely tree scent.

Juniper Breeze - Fresh green florals elevated with lily, juicy fruits, and a heart of jasmine. This clean scent that is great for common spaces and bathrooms.

MG Notes: This is the perfect neutral scent, it smells so refreshing.