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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Happy Holidays

Sending you greetings over the festive season. Holidays are a time for spreading joy. Should you want and have the option to gift, please consider gifting things usable or consumable, sustainable, and simple gifts. Please keep in mind shipping delays are already happening, long lines at USPS and many items already are already out of stock, even on Amazon. The average American will spend $805 this holiday season. And let’s face it, for the most part, we’re spending that $800 buying stuff we don’t really need. Ref: Gallup A FEW GIFT IDEAS Order deadline to be delivered by Dec. 25th is Friday, Dec. 11th. After this date, there are no guarantees it will arrive on time. I'm almost out of stock and have limited gift boxes remaining. Have someone that has everything? Gift something like a coupon to help them out like making or bringing dinner, or offer to take their kid for a few hours, or take them to get their nails done (if you can safely do these things). Gifting an experience is better than just something to give and doesn't go to waste or gifting something they use and enjoy. Here are two gift boxes that could fit that bill.

I have friends who love to enjoy a hot bath, gift them bath salts, bubbles, or bath bombs, and a candle or reed diffuser pairs well with it. They are used once and they are gone, not taking up space and collecting dust. If they don't have or enjoy baths, many love long showers like me.

Cleansing Gift Box We can probably all agree this year was not what we plan it to be so let's say GOODBYE to 2020 and start fresh! or wonderful gift for a new home!

This lovely box comes with great items to say BYE Felicia to 2020 or for a new home.

Chocolate & Candle Gift Box You can't go wrong with these chocolate truffles and a candle or a reed diffuser.

Gift a gift that lasts all year round or until you wish to cancel. A monthly candle club subscription!

Check out for more gift box options. Have a great day and talk to you soon! Minnie

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