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The Highs & Lows of 2022

Wow…in a blink of an eye, 2022 is a wrap…well see ALMOST.

As I've grown wiser, I reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Every day is filled with learning moments. I firmly believe in "always be learning" at any stage of your life.

Key things I've discovered about myself this year:

  1. You're never too busy for the people who matter; well, mostly. The distance can be challenging. Excellent communication comes into play!

  2. Each one of us has differentiating goals and paths. It's ok to be unique.

  3. Know your worth and stand up for it. No matter how hard it is. I've had some big wins and losses doing so this year. Know your worth even when challenging and uncomfortable.

  4. Ask, and you shall receive…if it's meant for you! No one is a mind reader so ask for what I want.

  5. Empathetic - I'm more than ever. I am embracing the twists and turns and being more open about my infertility. Grief can hit you out of nowhere, and there is no timeline or correct path for grief. Especially during holidays, it is more complex.

  6. After an eventful year between full-time event planning and running Minnieology, my heart is full. It was interesting to see myself juggling both, and I did my best.

  7. With my event contract ending, I'll take the slow days, quiet my mind, and venture into the new year. I will be rested and refreshed to see what life adventure comes next!

  8. It's ok to do nothing and take time for yourself. There's no right or wrong way. Do what makes you happy.

  9. 2022 was a very eventful year, especially after three years of a break from the corporate world. It was full of highs and lows. One of the highs for Minnieology was that you put me out of stock, and it was my biggest holiday to date. I am beyond appreciative.

  10. I am very thankful to be a part of making your thoughtfulness come to life and making non-toxic candles and reed diffusers. I look forward to continuing to spread joy and smiles to the people in your life in 2023. I appreciate you!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and new year!


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