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Thoughtful Teacher Gift Ideas


Are the parents among my audience ready for the school year to begin?

I recently reached out to a seasoned teacher to find out what gifts they’d really like. You may not know much about this year’s teacher(s), yet so the key is to be observant when you meet them in their classroom.

  1. Gift cards (Target, Michaels, Amazon, Starbucks, Fast Food/Restaurant spots near by)

  2. Personalized gifts - stationery, door signs, clipboards, and personalized mugs/tumblers (for new teachers)

  3. Practical things that can readily be displayed or used in the classroom like pretty pens, pencils, markers, supplies, etc.

  4. Snacks!! (just be sure to check with them on what they like first!)

  5. Candle, Reed Diffuser, and or bottle of wine to be used at home to unwind while grading papers

  6. And if you are still unsure, you can always ask them directly if they have a wish list!

If you are a teacher or know of one, I’d love to hear their favorite gifts as I’m constantly updating my lists!

Enjoy my gift tips? Please forward this email to a friend who would appreciate this too!

Talk to you soon,




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