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Best Gift for Hot Beverages Connoisseur

Mr. Minnieology is very aware I am very particular about how my food and drinks have to be at the perfect temperature.

I like to enjoy warm beverages, and it can take some time for me to consume them. The yeti is great, but after time (like hours), it gets cold, and he got me the perfect gift that I have used and enjoyed since Christmas!

Introducing the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug. There's an app where you can control the right temperature for you!

I've used it with coffee in the morning and tea in the evenings. After you're done, you can place it on the charger to prepare for your next drink! One of the best gifts I've received!

Save this gift idea to your Amazon cart* to purchase this for the right person in your life!

*Please note I may receive a commission as an Amazon Affiliate.



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