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My Must Haves When ...


Did you know?

I used to be in financial services in compliance with licenses to trade stocks, options, etc. It was like living the Office Space movie every day in my former life, so I gave that up and took a considerable leap to explore my “dream job.”

Corporate event planning was my dream job, I was always planning a social event, so I wanted to do it for a living! I started with weddings, then had an opportunity with an event agency planning events for large Tech companies. I could not have done it without my husband’s support. After 8+ years, I took a step back from it to focus on myself and my health as my husband, and I were going through a life-changing time in our lives.

I needed something to keep me positive and active with the time away. I created gift boxes for my best friends turning 40, and friends asked me to curate gift boxes and purchase them! With that, Minnieology Gifts was born. It’s my baby, and I’m always tinkering and learning new things with running a business.

After almost three years, I felt the itch to get back to my dream job, and it didn't hurt that a previous client had reached out. I’ve been working on both the corporate event role and Minnieology for the past seven months, and fast forward to today; I'm about to leave on my first work trip in 3+ years. I AM NERVOUS!

Fun Fact: As much as I have traveled, I’m still horrible at packing (clothes)!

My Must-Haves

  • Essential oil roller so I can calm my nerves while talking to people on the show floor.

  • Mask Spray, as I will be required to wear one at events, and who knows what they’ll be serving for lunch!

  • Pillow Mist to get me nice and relaxed before bed.

    • Great Kit Here with essential oil roller, face mask spray, and pillow mist

  • Travel pillow because I have to have my own!

  • Hand Sanitizer as I'll be around a lot of people handing out swag and etc.

  • Lavender travel candle to help me relax and sleep because sleeping in hotels isn’t the best for me.

  • Last but not least, melatonin!

What key things are your must-haves when traveling?

This trip will kick off my travel to six cities until June.

Insider Info: While traveling, there will be intermittent delays in Minnieology orders through June. As a thank you for your support and patience, please enjoy 15% off your entire order; use code “thankyou” starting today, March 31, until April 10th; products will ship the week of April 11th.

Charitable Giving: Minnieology donates a portion of sales proceeds to nonprofits every quarter! In honor of Betty White’s love for animals, Minnieology will donate to Proverbs 12:10 Animal Sanctuary. The second quarter will be contributing to a topic very near and dear to my heart, Gift of Parenthood, helping families and individuals overcome infertility through education, awareness, and fertility assistance grants. National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), which occurs April 24-30, 2022, and Infertility Awareness Month is celebrated worldwide during the month of June.

Thoughtful Recommendation: If anyone confides in you that they are having difficulty starting a family, listen. Please do not offer a solution. Here’s a great article on what to avoid saying.

P.S. Easter is on Sunday, April 17th, gift box orders cut off on April 10th.

Let's DO this!




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