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It's Time! 🍁


I hope all is well. I've been a bit busy with my day job. I'm in NY for the week; enjoy a discount while I'm on the road. Fall scents are up and ready for you!

Cozy Cup - Coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla

Apple Bourbon Smash - Apples, maple, bourbon with spice

It's Fall, Y'all - Cranberry, apple, orange, cinnamon, and vanilla. It smells like fresh potpourri simmering on your stovetop.

Pumpkin Spice - pumpkin, cardamon, and spice. Slightly subtle pumpkin scent.

Mochaccino - cozy cup with chocolate! My current fave!

All custom Minnieology scents, get it before it sells out!!!

Free shipping until Friday, Sept. 16th; minimum order $30 - US addresses only. Code "fall."

Have a great week!




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