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Let The Holiday Season Begin!

Does that headline stress you out? I hope it doesn't. Although this holiday season will be different, there are many ways we can show the people we care about our love through thoughtful gifts.

This year has been up and down with my business but things are picking back up and I'm so grateful.

Thank you to those that have trusted me to help you with your gifting needs.

With that, I'm so excited to share that I have my holiday boxes ready for you!

There are 3 themes:

  • Thankful

  • Merry Christmas

  • Season Greetings

You can make any occasion boxes a holiday box too!


Select to ship as soon as possible (each box will note the shipment time) OR ship the week before the holiday. A note will be placed on the box to open on December 25th OR any date you specify in the notes during checkout. I will say sometimes giftees get so excited they can't wait!


Handmade gifts are the best and take time. Please support small businesses and

pre-order now to save yourself the stress too.

The order cut off is Friday, December 11th. Each gift box is hand-decorated, and candles & reed diffusers are hand-poured.

Here's a quick snapshot of your holiday gift box choices this year! If any of these don't fit your fancy, please complete a custom box form and I'll personalize it just for your giftee!

  • Prices start at $29.99

  • Add a gift card to any box

  • Free shipping on orders over $59 per address

If you are ordering more than 3 boxes to different addresses, please contact with your order requests and I'll make it easier for you to check out vs. checking out multiple times.

Let the holiday season begin!

  • Thanksgiving is in 20 days

  • Christmas is in 48 days

Be Thoughtful,


Minnieology Gifts

Helping busy parents give simple, personal, and thoughtful gifts

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