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Big News!!!


We have something to share with you!

It's been months (and I mean monthsssss) in the making but it's time to make it official!

We are now Minnieology Gifts.

Minnieology = A little bit of thoughtfulness + gifts + knowledge

We loved the name Minnie Box but for business purposes, it's for the best as there are other companies that have a similar name, and we don't want to be confused with them.

There's no change in what we are offering, we're enhancing our gift boxes and will be releasing new gift boxes to help you find the most thoughtful gifts as well as sharing thoughtful gift tips. Custom orders are still available if you have a special idea brewing. Keep an eye out as you'll see the new things slowly rolling out and updating everything from Minnie Box to Minnieology Gifts! We are so excited!

If you aren't already, please follow and engage with us on Instagram! The more engagement we have on our page, it helps keep our posts on top of your feed AND helps our small business get in front of a new set of eyes. We thank you in advance!

What's New:

  • Spring scents for candles or reed diffusers: Sunshine & Citrus and Sea Salt & Orchid.

  • Any Occasion Spa Box - Great for Anniversary, Birthday, Congratulations, Just Because, New Home, Retirement, Sympathy, Thank You, and Teacher gifts

  • Baby Box - Boy, Girl or Gender Neutral.

Subscribe to our blog - we promise we only send 1 - 2 emails a month to share with you new stuff - gift boxes and gift tips.

And last but not least, we are taking extra precautions with the health environment on all gifts. We have a small staff of just me with occasional help from my husband and doing everything we can to keep things clean and safe.


Minnieology Gifts formerly Minnie Box



Lovve this

Minnie Erickson
Minnie Erickson
Apr 01, 2023
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💜 Thank you!



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