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Minnieology 2020 Gift Guide | Sale Ends Dec. 4th

Hi #mailbyminnie aka MBMers,

With this year, we all have had to pivot on how we will be spending the holidays and showing our people love from afar. More than ever, we are all seeking ways to share thoughtful and personal gifts.

Please shop early, minimize the stress, expect shipping delays, and support small businesses.

Enjoy 12% off your entire purchase starting now until Friday, December 4th.

Please forward to anyone you may think could use any gift ideas!

CODE: mbm

Things to Note:

  • The order cut off is Friday, December 11th

  • Pre-Order Options - Order now and send later | If you choose ship ASAP, the orders will ship out the week of November 30th

  • Quantities are limited

  • Be prepared for out of stock due to supply chain disruptions

  • I also support other small businesses and include them in my gift boxes

  • If you're buying multiple gifts going to different addresses, you will need to go through the check out per address. If you're ordering more than 3 gift boxes to different addresses, contact for easier check out options.

  • Small budget? We have a variety of greeting cards with the option to add a gift card and offer a service, I'll handwrite, stamp, and mail it on your behalf.

  • Free Shipping for orders over $59 per address.

  • Shipping Delays - Delivery drivers have been busy since March consider putting out snacks if you are doing a lot of deliveries!

  • I'm a one-woman show - It's just me, myself, and I in the shop with occasional shipping help from the hubs.

I've created different gift boxes this year and hope one suits you to gift to the family, friends, teachers, colleagues, and etc.

Great Stocking Stuffers

Looking for a gift for a Teacher?

Advice from a teacher

I'm on many forums to understand the consumer market. One seasoned teacher said "Advice from a seasoned teacher: Candles, hand soap, foot treatment/oil, aromatherapy, diffuser, chocolate, wine tumbler.

We honestly get way too many mugs and they end up in the trash or regifted."

All Gift Boxes includes a handwritten card and hand decorated gift box to make it feel a little more personal - you choose the occasion!

Candle and/or Reed Diffuser Gift Box

Not sure what to get but want to gift something? This gift box is perfect as it adds to their home decor. These scents are non-toxic and have had such great feedback. The gift box ties everything together to make it feel personal and thoughtful. Choose to gift one item (candle or reed diffuser) or 1 of each, 2 candles or 2 reed diffusers.

This gift box is for someone who would enjoy chocolate! These truffles are so delicious, you can go wrong, it's what the doctor ordered, Naturopathic Physician, that started this in her last year of medical school. These are also allergy-free too!

Do you like pineapple on your pizza? I do!

This is great for anyone that enjoys and loves pineapples, it comes with a zipper bag that can be used for anything, I use mine to keep my masks in my purse. And keeping cozy with festive pineapple socks and a Minnieology soy wax or reed diffuser.

We can probably all agree 2020 was not what we plan it to be so let's say GOODBYE to 2020 and start fresh! This box comes with a lavender & sage smudge bundle that includes wild lavender & mountain sage. The lavender brings a calming, gentle, relaxing aroma, while the sage scent is bright, herbaceous, and helps to purify and cleanse the air in your home! This bundle is perfect for inducing a restful night's sleep, creating a calm environment, or relaxing the mind. The amethyst stone is said to be incredibly protective healing and purifying, and a Minnieology soy wax candle or reed diffuser to get your home and space smelling wonderful after cleansing your space.

Spa Gift Box

I've got one for those that enjoy or only have a shower and one for those that enjoy a long soak.

With many parents at home with the kids, and working, everyone needs a little me time. Give the gift of self-care this year with these lovely handmade spa items.

Want to start off the new year right? We've got two great gift boxes

This gift keeps on giving 365 days of the year. Learn something new every day! Did you know that Bob Ross started painting while in the Air Force and sold his paintings for $25, every once in a while you can find one on eBay for $7,500! This box also comes with a Minnie soy wax candle or reed diffuser.

Someone posted about this book and it had me at kindness! I reached out to the author to share how much this book meant to me. It's full of heartwarming stories and ideas to help others. I loved it so much I wanted to make sure it is part of my gift boxes this year. This is perfect for anyone, an easy read, and will warm your soul. Get this box with the HumanKind book and a Minnieology candle or reed diffuser.

Want to take this up a notch?

Cozy Nook Gift Box is the perfect gift for those that love to snuggle up to a good book. This gift box comes with the HumanKind changing the world one small act at a time book. Minnieology candle or reed diffuser, and a super soft Turkish throw. These are handmade with Turkish cotton in Turkey!

Those waiting for it's safe to travel afar, gift this hand-stitched leather luggage tag that says "Airplane Mode", two reusable post-it notes with a pencil eraser, use any ballpoint pen, and erase your notes with you're done! Complete with a Minnieology soy wax candle or reed diffuser.

Want to have a candle sent to you or gift this monthly without having to order it each time?

Provide your top 3 scent profiles and receive one candle 7 oz. each month.

Thank you for shopping small and shopping early!

The order cut off is Friday, December 11th. Each gift box is hand-decorated, and candles & reed diffusers are hand-poured.

Be Thoughtful,


Minnieology Gifts

Helping busy moms give simple, personal, and thoughtful gifts

  • Non-Toxic Soy Wax Candles and Reed Diffusers

  • Hand Decorated Gift Boxes

  • Greeting Card Service

Enjoy 12% off your entire purchase starting now until Friday, December 4th.

Please forward to anyone you may think could use any gift ideas!

CODE: mbm

Shipping Deadline is Friday, December 11th.



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