Easy Instant Pot Pho Recipe

I love Pho and I actually enjoy making it at home. I know what's going into my broth and the cost savings are great! Here's a quick way to make Pho at home. I hope you enjoy it!

Instant Pot Healthy Pho Recipe
Instant Pot Healthy Pho Recipe

Pho Recipe

Prep Time: ~30 minutes

Total Cook Time: ~1 hour Instant Pot or Crock pot ~8 hours

If you don’t have an Asian market near you, you can get most items at your grocery store in the Asian aisle. Brands will differ so I have put links to a few items.

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Instant Pot or Crockpot

Large pot to boil the bones

Cast iron skillet/wok to char onion and ginger and cook zucchini noodles

Small pot for noodles


I have linked my favorite brands but if you cannot find it at the Asian grocery store and you can use any brand.

Pho Spice Sachet

4 lbs Beef Bones can be found at most Asian grocery stores or ask your butcher if you can't find it

1 med Onion cut in half

2 tbsp Olive Oil

4 in. thumb of Ginger

10 cups of Water or Broth

2.5 tbsp Three Crabs fish sauce or online at Amazon or Target

1 tsp Brown Sugar

Rice Stick Noodles (fresh/refrigerated) or dried is fine.