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Shout Out to All Mom’s + Gift Ideas


Did Mother’s Day slip away from you?

Here are a few thoughtful tips to make her feel special even if she’s far away.

1. Order one of her favorite meals for delivery. Tell her you have breakfast, lunch, or dinner is covered. You could even video call her during the meal to make it feel like you’re having a meal together. Last year, $275 million was spent eating out at restaurants. This is a great way to support a local restaurant. Call as soon as possible as they are working with a smaller staff.

2. Order flowers from a local florist or grocery store for delivery or pick up. Buy a plant, it will last longer and she can transfer it into her garden at a later time and the memory will stay with her longer.

3. Plan a video call with her and all the family. It will make her feel very loved! Houseparty or zoom is a great option!

4. Don’t forget her favorite dessert!

One or a combo of these things will make her feel special. A little effort goes a long way.

And last but not least, a special shout out to the women who are a stepmother, mother to angels, lost a child, lost their mother, strained relationships, and couldn’t have a child. We see you and are sending you a big virtual hug.

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