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Thoughtful Gifts Ideas

Hello Friend,

Being thoughtful generally costs nothing, and when you spread some kindness, it just might make someone’s day. If you have the opportunity to do so, show some kindness to friends, family, or even strangers. Here are some of my personal favorite acts of kindness.

Check out these ideas!

  1. Mow your neighbors’ lawn after mowing your own.

  2. Bring your neighbors’ trash bins in towards their garage.

  3. Help a friend pack/unpack or move to their home. #roadtrip

  4. Bake goodies for your colleagues, neighbors, or delivery drivers.

  5. Leave treats outside your door for your delivery drivers.

  6. Bring a colleague/boss/stranger a cup of coffee, pastry, or treat them to lunch.

  7. Send/Bring flowers to the receptionist of a place you frequent with a note to thank them for being so helpful every time you check-in.

  8. Pay for the person behind you at the cafe or drive-through.

  9. Slip a $10 bill in with a box of diapers or leave it in a baby changing station.

  10. Leave an arbitrarily generous tip.

  11. Have local pizza delivered to the local fire station.

  12. Send a good book or card to a friend in the mail as a just because.

Here are a few gift ideas for when you would like to send some sunshine to someone.



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