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How To Be There During the Hard Stuff

Hello Friend,

I hope your summer is going great, I can’t believe it’s already mid-July!

When I started Minnieology, I took my knack for remembering dates and spreading sunshine to help celebrate birthdays and milestone occasions.

What I discovered was something I had never thought of… sympathy and support gifts, which have become my second most requested custom gift box. Sympathy and support can be very delicate, so you want to get it just right. I’ve done a lot of research and have been on the receiving end with similar gifts, so it’s helped me suggest the gifts appropriately.

One thing that can help someone going through a hard time is remembering that specific date that the life event happened and setting an annual reminder to remember to reach out or send a gift on that day.

It can mean so much that you simply remembered a date that many forget and that someone is there to support them.

A few suggestions on difficult life events:

You can offer to be there for them and celebrate their loved one‘s life, or spend the day with them to help keep their mind off of things by doing something they enjoy. This was a custom box but with so many questions, it's now available to pre-order, please note with the personalization it will take up to 2 weeks to ship. Find these under Gift Boxes.

End of a Relationship

If they are divorced, check in on them on their would-be anniversary or take them out to keep them company and show them a fun time. Request a custom box similar to this box.

If they are going through treatment or hardship, the best gifts are to research what can help them through treatment or their favorites to make things a little brighter. Breast Cancer box is a custom box, request one similar to this.

If you are uncertain:

Send them a card with a heartfelt message, a photo memory, or share a story to make them smile or flowers/plant. Check out our greeting card service, we'll handwrite your message and mail on your behalf.

If anything, you can contact them on that day to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Minnieology will be taking a little break next week to enjoy some time with 2 of my best friends on a girls trip. For your patience, please enjoy 15% off your total purchase from July 16 - July 25th using code “vacay15”.

Orders placed during the above dates, will be shipped out the week of July 26th.

Have a great summer,




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