It's Been A While...

Hey Y’all,

Ok, the last time I sent something was exactly a month ago. TBH, newsletters/blogging is not my jam but it's important to share what's happening at Minnieology. I also don't like getting slammed with constant emails when I sign up for something so I won't do the same to you.

How is the summer treating you so far? Things are different for my husband and me) this summer and we are going back to the basics when it comes to vacations... like taking road trips! We plan on taking a road trip up the coast but timing is still TBD at this point as it’s really hard to find a place to stay because everyone seems to be doing the same! There will be an update when it gets closer as the shop will be closed while we are away.

July Happenings


In June, Minnieology donated a part of our sales proceeds to It's not a huge donation but it’s something to help the change. Also, we donated mask sales proceeds to, helping to provide fresh meals to front-line workers and families in need through local restaurants.

Altogether, we have collected over $1300 to donate, and….Minnie has sewn over 270 masks! YAY!!! Thank you to those that purchased all those masks.


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